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Kuchipudi Indian Classical Dance Costume For Girls And Women (Copy)



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Product Specifications:

Costume Contents:

Colour: As Shown (Product color might slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources and/or your monitor settings.)

Material: High Quality Polister

Size: Please check size chart for measurements of each size and select as per growth and build of your child.

About the Costume/Character:

  • Kuchipudi is an Indian classical dance form that evolved in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, and is counted among the two popular dance arts of the state, the other being Kathakali.
  • The theoretical foundation of this dance form like other major classical dance forms of India has its roots in ‘Natya Shastra’, a Sanskrit Hindu text that deals with performing arts.
  • The Kuchipudi performance usually begins with an invocation. Then, each costumed actor is introduced, their role stated, and they then perform a short preliminary dance set to music (dharavu). Next, the performance presents pure dance (nritta).
  • This is followed with by the expressive part of the performance (nritya), where rhythmic hand gestures help convey the story.Vocal and instrumental Carnatic music in the Telugu language accompanies the performance.[17] The typical musical instruments in Kuchipudi are mridangamcymbalsveenaflute and the tambura.
  • Kuchipudi maintains realistic make-up and simple dressing which is very much a characteristic of women from Kerala.
  • The popularity of Kuchipudi has grown within India, and it is performed worldwide
  • So dress your little one in this dance costume to make her understand the beauty of this classical dance form.

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